April 17, 2020

Dear FACA Network, partners and friends,

The coronavirus (COVID-19 virus) pandemic continues to impact the country’s day-to-day operations.  Many in our Network have been impacted personally by the recent health crisis.

FACA continues to monitor closely federal, state, and local leadership for guidance on the process of returning to a fully operational society.  Following those recommendations from leaders led us to put a hold on registrations last month.  Since then, the office understandably has received numerous inquiries regarding the FACA 40th Annual Conference originally scheduled for May 12-15, 2020.

FACA’s mission is to provide training, advocacy, and technical assistance to the Florida Community Action Network and we are committed to fulfilling that mission no matter the challenges. After much consideration and discussion, it has been decided that the Annual Training Conference will be rescheduled.

The good news is that these challenging times have proven to be fertile soil for innovation.  FACA’s innovative approach to fulfill the needs of the Network include exploration of virtual and in-person conference options.  The Conference Committee and I are committed to work with all stakeholders to provide the BEST solution for our Network.  We expect to announce these final plans in the coming days.

I continue to encourage everyone to stay safe, stay informed and take the necessary precautions for the best health outcomes.


Faith C. Pullen, MBA

Executive Director

Florida Association for Community Action (FACA), Inc.

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